Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT)

Hormone Yoga Therapy offers a holistic natural solution using only yoga exercises performed dynamically, along with breathing techniques specific to the stimulation of ovaries, thyroid, parathyroid, hypophysis and adrenal glands to reactivate the hormones produced by our own body.

Menopause is much more than the end of the reproductive cycle for a woman and the cessation of menstruation. It has implications on all aspects of life: physically, mentally and socially, that can last for several years. Thanks to Hormone Yoga Therapy, women over 40 can overcome most symptoms & issues related to menopause. Scroll down for more information.

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What are the key symptoms of menopause (low female hormone levels)?

  • Hot flushes
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Loss of vitality 
  • Decreased libido
  • Urogenital dryness
  • Loss of hair, fragile nails, skin aging
  • Weight gain and increased fat in the belly area
  • Emotional instability
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What are the key health problems related to low female hormone levels?

  • Osteoporosis
  • High cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Depression

Menopause: There is actually a clear link between the lower hormone levels of the menopause transition, backed up with high stress levels and burnouts. Click to learn more about menopause

Infertility is defined as the inability of getting pregnant after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. There are multiple reasons of infertility (1/3 female factors, 1/3 male factors and 1/3 a combination of female and male factors).

Today’s hectic lifestyle, stress, environment, work are factors that can influence our fertility. The female reproductive function begins to decline already from the age of 30 and often we begin to make procreation plans later and later. Sometimes we get pregnant easily, but other times it’s a little more complicated and it can become a very stressful project that worries us with negative effects on our physical and mental health.

Hormone Yoga Therapy stimulates the production of female hormones and reduces the polycystic ovary syndrome by rebalancing the hormones. It also helps to manage stress and anxiety to increase the changes to get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful and healthy child.

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What are the key causes of infertility in women?

  • Ovulation disorders (Polycystic ovary syndrome, Primary ovarian insufficiency, excess of Prolactin 
  • Endometriosis
  • Damage to fallopian tubes
  • Uterine or cervical causes
  • Unexplained infertility
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What are the risk factors that increase infertility?

  • Age (as of mid-30s)
  • Smoking & alcohol
  • Stress
  • Weight (overweight or underweight)

My objectives are:

  • To help women embrace the Menopause as a Second Spring: with awareness, a positive attitude, and to equip them with strategies and techniques to manage the unpleasant symptoms of hormonal changes
  • To support women with fertility issues to increase the chances of getting pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful and healthy child

By the end of the therapy, you will be able to practice the daily series of Hormone Yoga Therapy exercises on your own and already experience some improvement in the symptoms related to low hormone levels. Here are the benefits of Hormone Yoga Therapy:

  • Body:
    • Improved flexibility, muscular strength and firmness, bone density, improved posture
    • Weight loss
    • Stronger hair, younger skin, and stronger nails
  • Mental:
    • More relaxed, be better able to cope with stress
    • Improved mood and frame of mind
    • Improved sleeping
  • Energy:
    • Activating the energy
    • Improved energy flow
    • Stronger vitality and general wellbeing
  • Physiology:
    • Eliminating or strongly diminishing the symptoms related to low female hormone levels through the reactivation of hormone production 
    • Diminishing the risks of illnesses related to low hormone levels like osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases

FREE Personal Evaluation of Menopause symptoms & General Health

Hormone Yoga Therapy Program

After the free personal evaluation of your menopause symptoms and general health, you can join a group workshop or, schedule private lessons to practice, learn and benefit from Hormone Yoga Therapy

✤ For Whom?
✤ Contraindications

Anamnesis (Evaluation) (Free)

Comprises a questionnaire to fill-in and a 1 to 1 interview to assess the general health of the participant and in order to understand their level of menopausal symptoms and to ascertain any medical therapies that could interfere with HYT


Therapy Sessions

Join a group workshop or Schedule private classes (Details below)


Daily Practices

Continue with daily practice sessions (ideally 3-4 times/week) on your own or, continue following classes in person or online so as to enjoy the support of the circle of women and the teacher

Workshop Structure for Fertility or Menopause

 3 hrs (in person): 

  • Women’s cercle and Menopause or Fertility information sharing
  • Introduction to HYT, and key Breathing, Bandhas and Tibetan energy flow visualisation techniques
  • Practice: Warming up exercises, daily series of Hormone exercises, including Yoga Nidra, restorative and therapeutical exercises that starts to reactive the glands and warm up the body before performing the daily series 


90 Mins x 5 Days

Workshop Duration

3 hours

After the Initial Workshop

Once you complete the initial workshop, there will be three ways to continue your Hormone Yoga Therapy exercises:

On Your Own

It will only take you half an hour a day to perform the entire sequence!

Ongoing Group Classes

Hormone Yoga Therapy classes to practice alongside other women

*40 min daily series of exercises + 20 min targeted therapy: insomnia, stress or concentration

Private Classes

If you prefer, we can schedule private Hormone Therapy classes for you

Join one of the Workshop

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Encouraged by one of my dearest yoga teachers from New York, who said: “Start sharing what you know. Don’t be selfish and keep it only for yourself.”, I am now offering yoga and hormone yoga therapy classes whilst continuing my studies and working on my own personal journey.

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